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Samsung Appeals Galaxy Nexus Ban, Wants A Fair Fight

As expected, Samsung filed an appeal against the preliminary ban of the Galaxy Nexus today. The injunction, which was granted to Apple last week temporarily prohibits the sale of all Galaxy Nexus handsets in the United States. Along with the appeal, Samsung is arguing that the ban is “inconsistent with the Federal Circuit’s directive that market… Read more

Google may change the way we search on a touchscreen device, thanks to new ‘continuous gesture’ patent application

While there are quick ways to search from a phone, the way we implement copy and paste isn’t always that great. Trying to copy and paste a long word from the browser, for example, may be a hassle depending on your situation. It’s all relative, of course, to what’s going on at the moment, or what you’re trying to do. If a new patent application is any… Read more

European Commission gives the green light to Google’s acquisition of Motorola

Back in August of last year, Motorola and Google announced that the latter company had every intention of acquiring them. The deal was measured in at $12.5 billion, and today is the day of days for the European Commission to make their final assessment of the proposed deal. According to Google’s official blog, that decision has been made, and now the search… Read more

Apple goes after Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus unlock feature

Apple and Samsung are at it again. This time, Apple is attacking Samsung over the Galaxy Nexus’ lock-screen unlock feature. You’ve seen it in plenty of videos by now, if you’re not using it yourself. The simple method of sliding to unlock the screen has the Cupertino-based company all in a tizzy, and they’re taking legal action. According to Apple, the… Read more