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HTC is working hard to remove Carrier IQ from Sprint devices

Yesterday we told you that the recent maintenance and security update for the HTC EVO 3D actually included the removal of all Carrier IQ software on the device as well. We had heard in the past that this was exactly what Sprint was trying to do with manufacturers releasing devices on their network, and HTC has recently confirmed that they plan to update the… Read more

Pantech reportedly set to pay Microsoft for Android patents

Microsoft has been watching over the Android manufacturers like a hawk. Thanks to the patent policy in place here in the United States, Microsoft is capitalizing on licensing agreements from many of the largest Android vendors out there, all in hopes of making a few extra dollars per handset sold. It looks like Pantech is next on Microsoft’s radar, if a new… Read more

ITC rules that Motorola infringed on Microsoft patent

Everyone is looking to get a little cash from patent disputes in the mobile market these days, and Microsoft is one of the few successful. An ITC judge has just ruled that Motorola has violated one of Microsoft’s patents in one of the many legal disputes. While the patent is unknown, the case will now be handed to the commission itself for final review to… Read more

Sprint Addresses Carrier IQ With Internal Memo

Carrier IQ is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. Not surprisingly people don’t like to feel like their every move is being watched. Last week Sprint was one of the few companies to admit using Carrier IQ, so naturally they’ve stepped into the harsh light of this ever developing story. SprintFeed got their hands on an internal memo that informs… Read more

Judge in the Netherlands bans sales of Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Ace due to violating Apple patent

Samsung and Apple are still waist-deep in a huge legal battle surrounding certain patents, and it doesn’t look like Samsung is catching any breaks. Not in the Netherlands, anyway. A recent ruling from a judge in the Netherlands has revealed that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, S II and Galaxy Ace have been barred in certain European Union countries. It’s a… Read more

Man faces jail time for reading wife’s Gmail

33-year-old Rochester Hills, Michigan resident Leon Walker has been charged with a felony after accessing his then-wife’s Gmail account on their shared laptop, which according to Leon, sat next to a notebook containing passwords for quick account access. Clara Walker filed for and was granted a divorce from Leon, her third husband, after he snooped through… Read more

Android trademark case thrown out, brand belongs to Google

From 1998 to 2002, a man named Erich Specht licensed his Android Data software to three clients, earning his company $600,000. In the midst of this success, in 2000, Specht applied for Trademark protection of the Android Data brand and was awarded it in 2002. However, from that point forward, Android Data failed to generate any new business and the name… Read more

Attack on the clones

I don’t think it’s possible to number the games created around the premise – or gameplay – of a highly successful predecessor that was founded upon a simple, addictive activity. But at the top of the largest family tree of game clone source material, I expect you would find Tetris. And when you consider the games that were inspired by Tetris but took their… Read more

Cyanogen vs. Google?

Maybe that title relies too heavily on sensationalism. How about, “Little snag in the road for popular hacker”? If you haven’t heard of Cyanogen, you probably haven’t had the slightest inkling to dig into your Android device and pimp it to its full potential. Cyanogen is, by far, the most popular Android ROM cooker to date. At first, his work was… Read more