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One Additional View Of The Nexus 4 Leaks Via Twitter

Well, would you look at that, another Nexus 4 leak arriving as we inch toward a 48 hour countdown to Google’s Playground event. There doesn’t seem to be anything new in these leaked press shot images and given that we’ve already got a good look at the real deal phone hanging around in the wild, or a bar, we’re just teasing ourselves now. So,… Read more

LG E960 AKA Nexus 4 Manual Confirms Nexus 4 Name, Available Sizes

At some point we’re going to start asking if LG and/or Google are intentionally trying to boost the hype surrounding the Nexus 4 given the non-stop leak-a-thon that has taken place in the last few weeks. As if losing the phone in a bar wasn’t bad enough, the LG Australian and UK websites have published the support manual for the LG E960, which by… Read more