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Kyocera Echo and LG Marquee receiving minor updates

Remember Kyocera’s “revolutionary” Echo? The one that turned into a major dud? Looks like Kyocera and Sprint aren’t abandoning the handset after all. A new update is now rolling out, and includes security fixes (Carrier IQ, anyone?). It also brings some fixes to the MMS system, and the activation of a Commercial Mobile Alert System. The Echo is not… Read more

LG Marquee landing on Sprint for $99.99 on October 2

Sprint’s not slowing down their own version of the Android invasion, as the wireless carrier, along with LG, has just formally announced the LG Marquee. Featuring plenty of bullet points in the specifications list, along with LG’s NOVA display, the newest Android-powered handset to land (in the coming weeks) on Sprint’s network may just be a worthwhile… Read more