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LG Optimus Black receiving Gingerbread update in Europe

Not every modern Android phone is even running Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread. It’s tough to realize that manufacturers can be that slow, especially with Ice Cream Sandwich being the update that everyone is currently talking about. LG has finally gotten around to it for at least one of their handsets, the LG Optimus Black. The update is currently… Read more

3 LG devices get nightly CyanogenMod love

LG Optimus 3D, LG Optimus Pro, LG Optimus Hub, and LG Optimus Black owners, come and get some love. Some CM7 love that is. Ricardo Cerqueira, a member of the CyanogenMod team and apparent LG device expert has brought nightly support to the three phones. For those uninitiated, nightlies describe releases on a daily or near-daily basis. The releases would… Read more

LG updates their Ice Cream Sandwich list, adds some new handsets

While LG was one of the first companies to come forward and announce which of their devices already on the market would be getting the much anticipated upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, there wasn’t a lot of information along with the list. In fact, there weren’t a lot of handsets on the list, either. But it looks like LG has found out that quite a… Read more

LG Majestic breaks cover, heading to US Cellular

While this isn’t all the information we typically would like, it is nice to see the LG Optimus Black variant for US Cellular finally finding its way onto the Internet again. It has been awhile since we heard about the device heading to the regional carrier. Even if we’ve already missed the rumored launch date of September, at least we know the device is… Read more

CES: Details on the LG Optimus Black

LG has put out a press release on the mysterious Optimus Black believed to be the LG B from a couple weeks back. It would appear that is indeed the case. The LG Optimus Black features a 4″ NOVA display, Android 2.2 (with 2.3 upgrade eligibility), Wi-Fi Direct, 2MP front-facing camera, Optimus UI 2.0, 1500mAh battery, and comes in at only 9.2 mm thick…. Read more