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LG Optimus Elite for Sprint tipped for a launch in May

Late last night, initial word of a new device called the Optimus Elite broke cover, suggesting that Sprint has yet another device planned for an early launch this year. However, unlike the rumored HTC Jewel we heard about a few days ago, the Optimus Elite is a handset that’s specifically aimed at the entry-level market, and has the stats to prove… Read more

LG Optimus Elite rumored to be Sprint’s next budget handset, may also be headed to Virgin Mobile

Sprint’s latest rumor features something not too exciting, in fact, we’d say that we’ve already seen a phone just like this before. Known as the Optimus Elite, this LG-made phone features many specs that the Optimus S, which has already been on Sprint for some time. The star of the show is a 3.2-inch 480×320 display, a 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a… Read more