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Nexus 4 Supports Display Tethering Through MicroUSB Via SlimPort

Android 4.2 may support Miracast, but those looking for a more traditional method of putting their content on the big screen needn’t look farther than the Analogix-made SlimPort. Plugging into the devices MicroUSB port, SlimPort shares the Nexus’ screen with any HDMI-compatible device. That’s right, it’s essentially a MicroUSB-to-HDMI adapter, and the… Read more

Verizon And LG Announce The Spectrum 2, Available Today

  Verizon and LG have made the Spectrum 2 official as of this morning with the device going on sale today, October 30th for $99 with a two-year contract. The price tag really hides the fact that this phone is set for the mid-range crowd, but offers up enough of a spec sheet to please even the high-end customer. 4.7″ True HD display Qualcomm… Read more

Google’s Nexus 4 Has No LTE, Here’s Why

The Nexus 4 is a very impressive device with a high end spec list. But when it comes to connectivity, it tops out at HSPA+. There is no LTE chip in this bad boy, and Google has given us its reasoning. Whether it’s valid is up to you, dear readers. Read on. Google wants to build one universal device to run on most networks. Of course, they’re limiting… Read more

T-Mobile Is The Premier Nexus 4 Partner, Will Also Have 3G Nexus 7

Today, T-Mobile announced some fantastic news for its customers. Usually, T-Mo is known for being the budget carrier with the low/mid range phone lineup. However, they seem to have gone back to their roots with this one: They will be the “premier partner with Google for the Nexus 4.” Takes you back to the days where the G1 was on T-Mobile, huh? The… Read more

LG, Google Announce The LG Nexus 4, Launches November 13th

Boom, here it is, despite the cancelation of Google’s Playground event, LG and Google have come together to formally announce the Nexus 4 via press release. Available for $299 on November 13th, the Nexus 4 will work on more than 200 carriers worldwide. Available in both 8GB and 16GB versions, the Nexus 4 features: Key specifications •… Read more

Google Cancels Playground Event Due to Hurricane Sandy

According to a brief comment sent to MarketingLand, Google has canceled their Monday Playground event due to safety concerns over Hurricane Sandy: “We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more.” Looks like we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to confirm the… Read more

True Story: LG Nexus 4 Lost In A Bar, Winds Up On Video

All of a sudden a brand new story of the LG Nexus 4 takes us right back to a similar scenario surrounding the iPhone 4 prototype lost in a San Francisco bar. As it turns out, this is a repeat of that exact situation and as Google’s next flagship device winds up lost and on camera. A bartender at a popular San Francisco bar discovers the phone and as… Read more

Leak Of Wireless Charging Pad For Nexus 4, Is That A TouchStone?

We aren’t at all sure if this is real or fake, but a wireless charging pad for the Nexus 4 has leaked out. It looks very much like a Palm Touchstone for webOS devices (and they work beautifully, I use one to charge my HP Veer), and hopefully performs just as well. If it’s anything like the Touchstone, it will be magnetic and hold the phone in place…. Read more

LG’s LGE960 AKA Nexus 4 Product Support Page Is Live

Last night, on LG’s product support page, the LGE960 made its debut all but confirming that the LG Nexus 4 is coming. For those skeptical of this being the Nexus 4, the reference to purchase via the Play Store is solid evidence of the LG E960 being the Nexus 4. As found by the team over at Ausdroid, the device warranty information points users to… Read more