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Pandora Adding 40 Hour A Month Streaming Limit For Mobile Users

For those of you who are heavy Pandora streamers, the founder of Pandora has brought some less than ideal news. This week, they are introducing a 40 hour a month streaming limit on mobile devices. The streaming limit will not affect desktop users (thank god), but you mobile users will be cut off past the 40 hour mark. This decision was made because… Read more

(Updated: Temporary) Google Music Now Allows More Devices To Be Deauthorized, Hackers Rejoice

Update: We originally reported that Google had completely removed the policy, but The Verge is now reporting that this is only a temporary solution, until a fix can be found. The media went crazy today about how Google Music only allowed 10 devices to access music, with only 4 device deactivations per year. This was a big problem for those who flashed… Read more