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DYZ Plastic Android Series 2 goes on sale tonight

Android collectors, rejoice! The Android Series 2 from DYZ Plastic that has been teased for over a month now is going up for initial release tonight, with a second release tomorrow. If you’re looking to grab some, that means they’ll be sold out by, you guessed it, most likely tomorrow. Dead Zebra will be selling the figures at 11pm EST tonight, for the… Read more

Dyzplastic updates Series 02 preview

Just in case you don’t know who Dyzplastic is, they’re the company behind all of the awesome and unique Android figures you’ve no doubt seen plastered across the web. Every now and again, the company likes to put out limited edition figures for fanboys and fangirls to gobble up and show off to their fanfriends. Well coming soon, Dyzplastic is going to… Read more

myTouch 3G Limited Edition: Clapton

It looks like this phone has taken the nickname, “Clapton,” according to the title of the video below, posted to T-Mo’s official YouTube account. Maybe that’s the name of the commercial. Does that make this the God of phones? Sounds like a good title to me, and this phone needs all the extra style it can get at this price. Don’t get me wrong; I love the… Read more