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HTC Rezound Latest Phone Added To HTC Unbricking Project

Hard bricks, while mostly done with rooted procedures, can happen during a simple OTA update. No matter how it happens, it truly sucks. It’s not easy to handle the loss of a $600 phone, and more importantly, your one true love (I don’t need a life, I have a phone). Well if it was an HTC, there is a chance it can be revived. The HTC Unbricking Project… Read more

Could Ubuntu prove useful on Android phones?

Earlier today we reported that Ubuntu would officially be making its way to Android phones, offering a full desktop experience. While the phones don’t run the OS on its own display, it is instead outputted via a docking station with a keyboard and mouse. This allows a single phone to run both a desktop and mobile OS, in theory creating the perfect device…. Read more

Ubuntu coming to Android, allows any phone with a dual-core processor to run a full desktop OS

Popular Linux distro Ubuntu is looking to make itself mobile, and Android is the natural choice. It has just been announced that Canonical (creator of Ubuntu), is developing a method to bring Ubuntu to Android-based handsets. It looks like this applies to both phones with the traditional ARM-based processor, as well as the upcoming x86-based Intel powered… Read more

Day two of LinuxCon

It’s rare that I will conceded that the benefits of sleep can sometimes be outweighed. This happens to be one of those rare instances. I purchased my LinuxCon ticket many months ago. And when the event finally rolled around, as big and significant as I think LinuxCon is; as lucky as I was to have have it take place 15 minutes from where I live,… Read more