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Nexus S live wallpaper available for rooted devices

If grabbing the Gingerbread launcher, keyboard, and even the latest Market left you wanting in your quest for upcoming tech, perhaps the live wallpaper set to showcase the Nexus S will satisfy for one more day. It has been leaked by xda-developers, and requires a rooted phone for installation. Hit that link for instructions and files that allow for a… Read more

Doom live wallpaper

A Doom live wallpaper for Android? I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend. What Android has done for live wallpapers, Doom did for first-person shooters. And this background is more than an animated FPS; it’s interactive, allowing you to spawn enemies and drop weapons and med packs for the protagonist. If you get all nostalgic about old video… Read more

Live Wallpaper: Pixel Ants

Here at DroidDog, we’re always looking for fun and interesting ways to customize your Android device. We’ve seen plenty of cool wallpapers come into the Market, but a scientifically accurate ant colony simulation? That’s a first. Pixel Ants, and Pixel Ants Pro ($0.80), is a live wallpaper by iSys Labs that uses customizable pixels to simulate an ant… Read more

Download the Samsung Fascinate’s live wallpapers

If you just can’t wait to get your hand’s on Verizon’s gadget from the Samsung Galaxy S series, or you’re just a lover of high-end live wallpapers, check out this post over at Android Police where all six of Sammy’s animated wallpapers that ship with the Fascinate are posted for download. The instructions indicate that you need a custom recovery in… Read more

aSpiritBomb premium Live Wallpaper

I’m a sucker for quality psychedelic visuals and a fan of innovative Live Wallpaper so I was thrilled to discover aSpiritBomb (¥99, currently $1.10) in the Android Market. A combination of outer space adventure and ghost hunting, aSpiritBomb causes little orbs of light to hover around your screen, orbited by other specs of light, gravitating to a primary… Read more

Live Wallpaper: Wakka Wallpaper

I thought about shooting a video of Jake Wharton’s Wakka Wallpaper, but his own introduction and demonstration video doesn’t leave much room for improvement, so I’m embedding what he’s already posted. The app is only $1.00 in the Android Market, and in the little time that I’ve had it installed, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. The wallpaper… Read more

Live Prints Live Wallpaper

After posting on the extremely cool PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper last week, I’ve received several tips from fans of different LWP packs, as well as a few from developers. One of the titles most interesting to me was Live Prints – an LWP that causes little tracks to chase your finger around the screen. Weather you prefer an obedient pet at your heel or haunted,… Read more

Cool app: PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper

Be careful with this one! PanoPlanet is one of those seemingly simple pieces of software that has the ability to suck you in, leaving you mindlessly swiping your finger back and forth across the screen for long chunks of time, lost in the pretty visuals before you. Seriously. And that’s what makes it so great. Make a tunnel, make a planet. Make yourself… Read more