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HTC One Live Experience Tour Launches Across The Country

HTC is starting a new ad campaign, and it’s really big. They’re going around the country setting up events in many cities to show off the new HTC One to potential customers. Their slogan for this campaign is “Everything Your Phone Isn’t” and they will be showing off all the features of HTC One, focusing on its unique speakers and camera. They are… Read more

T-Mobile LTE Lights Up In Kansas City

We know that T-Mobile is planning to launch their LTE network soon, but it seems that it has gone live in Kansas City, at least partially. Someone with an AT&T Galaxy Note (original) noticed he had 4G LTE in one area on T-Mobile, and a speed test shows it to be true. Since the AT&T Note supports Band 4 LTE, it will work on T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS… Read more

Microsoft SmartGlass App Finally Makes Its Way To Android

Microsoft has been changing things up lately, and one of their newest projects benefits gamers. At E3 they teased an app called SmartGlass, which connects to an Xbox LIVE user’s GamerTag, allowing them to perform certain functions straight from their phone. The app allows navigation of the Xbox, the ability to control video, and can even be used by… Read more

Thrillcall App Now Available On Android

The Thrillcall app has been available on iOS for over half a year, and is now coming to Android. It’s an app for discovering live music, but with a twist. They have built relationships with over 60 venues across the United States, with special offers available to buy straight from the app. Their localized, exclusive offers are available in Los Angeles,… Read more

[App] Coloring Screen Changes Your Wallpaper With Effects

Here’s an interesting app for you guys. It changes your wallpaper with effects and even customizable edits you can tweak yourself. It doesn’t seem like much, but I gave it a shot. It’s really cool, since when you’re tired of your wallpaper, you can just change the color. Or if you don’t like something about it, you add some contrast or saturation or an… Read more

Watch Samsung’s Unpacked Livestream

Samsung’s latest Unpacked conference is just about to kick off, with the announcement of the Galaxy Note II as the main event. Not all of us are able to make it to Berlin to watch such a show, and Samsung is being kind enough to livestream the event. Check it out here, and be sure to let us know what you think of what Samsung reveals. The full timeline… Read more

Google Maps Live Traffic Supports 130 More Cities

Google has added live traffic coverage in Google Maps for 130 more cities in the US. Live traffic is incredibly useful, and knowing this feature is coming to so many people is great. But the US is not the only one getting more support. Google has also released support for cities in China, Brazil, Canada, Russian and many other countries. Check out this… Read more

NBC Releases Two 2012 Olympics Apps For Android

NBC and Adobe have teamed up to give people the most coverage possible of the 2012 Olympics by creating two Android apps. Together, they will provide over 3.500 hours of content on 32 sports. The two apps are free, but one is not free to use. The NBC Olympics app will provide all the information you need, including real time schedules, medal counts,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note Gets ICS OTA In India

It looks like Samsung is pushing ICS to Galaxy Notes everywhere. The newest country to get it is India. It’s available as both an OTA or through Kies software from a computer. It’s great to finally see Samsung using OTA updates for models outside of the US. Most of their older phones needed Kies to be updated, meaning having to tether your phone to a… Read more