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Google I/O Schedule Is Live, Go Explore What’s In Store!

Google has posted the full 3 day schedule for Google I/O here for everyone to check out. This includes all the workshops and keynotes given at each time for each day, even with each location. For those going to Google I/O, this will let you plan out which workshops you want to go to. If, like me, you aren’t going to Google I/O, this is just a great look… Read more

Gigbeat for Android Review [Video]

GigBeat is an app that hasn’t been around for a while, but has developed very quickly since its introduction. This app lets you quickly and easily find concerts from your favorite artists in your area. It lets you see when they’re on tour, where they’ll be performing, and all sorts of information about each individual event. This is a must-try for… Read more

MKB Reviews: Time & Date Contrast Live Wallpaper

There are plenty of homescreen widgets and applications that can give you a large, visually appealing view of the time/date. There are things like Beautiful Widgets and others that take up widget space but give a simple, good looking view of this same information. This is a live wallpaper, however, so it takes up no icon space and still gets everything… Read more