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Free Android Apps Less Invasive Than iOS Apps

A study was conducted on the top 50 free iOS and Android apps, gauging what data they transmit and how invasive they are. The results are shocking, as iOS apps seem to be much more invasive than their Android counterparts. Surprisingly, iOS apps actually transfer more personal data than Android apps. Yes, Android has a bad rep for malware, and this… Read more

Google May Be Working On Their Own Physical Stores

In the age of the internet, sometimes it feels like physical stores are the greatest thing in existence. What happens when you want to try out the newest gadget instead of just blowing half a grand on it? You go to a local carrier stores or Best Buy and get your hands on it. And if you like it, you can get it right then and there without paying for… Read more

Google Now Adds Walking And Cycling Card, Helping You Stay Fit While Tracking Your Every Move

Google Now is showing you how much you’ve walked and biked, all by tracking your location periodically. On one hand, this is a truly useful feature. It acts as a less accurate pedometer, and while it doesn’t give you all the info most nice pedometers do, it’s still a good tool for tracking fitness. On the other, your location is being tracked. Not only… Read more

Facebook Messenger App First Look [Video]

Facebook looks to improve their mobile arsenal today as they release their brand new Facebook ‘Messenger’ Application for Android and iOS. Some have avoided Facebook entirely because of the stats of its current mobile app, but this new release shows promise for a stable future. It’s a bit more than just a messaging app; there is a group location… Read more

Skyhook sues Google over Motorola deal, location patent

Skyhook Wireless, maker of location positioning software, was in contract back in April to use its services in the manufacturer’s phones. The suit they filed yesterday alleges that Google bullied Motorola into breaking the contract. According to Skyhook’s accusations, Google required that its own location detection services be used in Android devices,… Read more