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Verizon Galaxy Note II Gets Rooted, No Bootloader Unlock Yet

Less than a week after release, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II has been rooted. Considering all the bloatware carriers put on phones these days, root is very important (even if you never flash a ROM). Unfortunately, even if you wanted to flash a ROM, you couldn’t. A custom recovery for the Verizon Note II doesn’t exist yet, and the bootloader remains… Read more

LG Optimus G Has Locked Bootloader

This is sad news indeed. An LG rep has confirmed that the Optimus G “doesn’t support an unlocked bootloader.” This means that hacking AOSP on that thing is very unlikely, if not impossible. That’s disappointing, and defeats the purpose of an Android device. When happened to the openness of Android? I guess it’s just more reason to buy Samsung devices… Read more

Motorola Atrix HD Will Arrive with a Locked Bootloader

The Motorola Atrix HD is on the way, and I bet you guys can’t wait to get rooting, loading custom ROMs and more right? Wrong. The Atrix HD will arrive for AT&T with a locked bootloader. Similar to Verizon’s Galaxy S III, the new contender in AT&T’s “Atrix” line of phones will face the same hardships when it comes to hacking. It’s unfortunate… Read more