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Samsung Acknowledges Lock Screen Security Bug, Fixing It

A few days ago, a vulnerability was discovered on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Even with security set up on the lockscreen, someone has the ability to bypass it and unlock the phone. Sounds worrying, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t worry much, as it’s a very difficult and somewhat crazy procedure. You can view the original video… Read more

CyanogenMod Adds “Chronus” Widget To New Nightlies

Chronus is a renamed version of “Lock Clock” from CyanogenMod. The name led people to assume it was limited to the lockscreen, but it also did just fine on your homescreen. The widget displays a clock along with weather and calendar events, all in one place. It is configurable in Settings and the settings apply to all the instances of the widget (both… Read more

Lockscreen Policy App Allows You To Disable Lockscreen Widgets And Camera Access On Android 4.2

Do you have a Nexus device and have been upgraded to the latest and greatest, Android 4.2? Are you unhappy with the latest changes to the lockscreen? If you are, we understand. While we enjoy lockscreen widgets and the new camera access method, they aren’t for everyone. They also pose a possible security risk, depending on how you use them. A new… Read more

Have A Jelly Bean Flavored Lock Screen With Holo Locker

Ever since I got my Nexus 7 last week, I’ve been in love with clean look and smooth flow of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.  So much that I’ve been redecorating my Epic 4G Touch so that it’s similarly styled. Maybe I’m totally lame, but until my tablet really finds it’s true place in my daily life, it’s going to have a really clean setup… Read more