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Logitech Revue units completely sold out as company moves away from Google TV

Logitech has been pretty straightforward when it comes to their plans regarding Google TV. Bsaically, they’re moving away from the team. With that in mind, news that the company has sold out of their Revue units should come as a surprise to anyone. Then again, if folks were still interested in picking up that $99 Revue, then it’s probably a sad day to know… Read more

Logitech Revue units hindered by corrupted firmware

Over the holidays, it looks like recipients of the Logitech Revue with Google TV didn’t get all that they hoped for. New owners of the device have been reporting that their new Google TV-equipped piece of hardware has some corrupted firmware on it, which is causing the device to halt during the set-up process. This is resulting in some large paper weights,… Read more

Logitech Says Google TV 2.0 Still Coming to the Revue in 2011

Logitech has very publicly denounced the Google TV experiment to be a failure. Sales for the Revue were not very good, thanks mostly to Google’s lackluster software. Google is trying to fix that with the Honeycomb update that bring the Android Market to Google TV. Sony Google TV’s have been enjoying this update for several weeks, but Revue owners have… Read more

Google TV: The return of Kevin Bacon

The last time we heard the name Kevin Bacon and Google TV in the same sentence, it was regarding a mildly creepy commercial spot promoting the Logitech Revue. Fortunately, that hasn’t changed. Found on the Official Google TV Blog, Ivan Cobenk (who is really Bacon) has written a post talking about how his extended Kevin Bacon video has made it to… Read more

Logitech: All’s well with [our] Revue

Yesterday’s rumor that Logitech was putting production of their Google TV-powered Revue on hold is a bunch of hooey, according to the Logitech Blog. The rumor apparently originated at DigiTimes, and stated that Logitech requested Gigabyte halt production–not that Google had requested the move, as many reported. But since the entire rumor has been… Read more

Logitech Revue on the road to root?

Several days ago, we told you about a website’s $1,000 bounty on the Logitech Revue. That website is MagicAndroidApps and is offering up a grand to the first person who can root a Google TV product and install third party apps before official support comes along. We haven’t heard any announcements just yet but it’s clear that at least one well-known… Read more

Logitech Revue seeing much needed update to Netflix app

If you are a fan of Google TV and rock Logitech’s little Revue in your entertainment set up, get ready for a dramatic improvement to your experience. Scott from Satellite Guys shot a video of the new and improved Netflix app the other day, which should be hitting the rest of our units before too long. Clearly, the app that shipped with the Revue was… Read more

Logitech and Google working on updates for Revue

Logitech announced yesterday, via their forums, that a Revue update is being developed which will address frame rate and other issues. The representative also stated that other problems identified by customers and feature wish lists were on the table as well. (A Netflix app that allows us to browse more than our Instant Queues?) Logitech has been very… Read more

Logitech offers discount for late Revue shipments

Were you one of the many people who pre-ordered a Logitech Revue with Google TV weeks in advance and then watched the unboxings and reviews roll out while you sat by the door twiddling your thumbs? Well, Logitech is sending out discount codes for their online shop to apologize. I just got a digital coupon for $25, which is half the cost of the HD Webcam… Read more