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Sony LT30P Xperia T Leaks Yet Again

The Sony LT30p Xperia T is easily one of the leakiest handsets to date with photos of the device swarming all over. This latest batch comes courtesy of Nixanbal and they’ve taken plenty of nice photos to give us a clear picture of what the production device will most likely look like. The phone is widely expected to launch at IFA 2012 this year and has… Read more

Sony Xperia Mint Leaked: The Modern Sony Phone

The Sony Xperia Mint, the LT30p, is a new device being shown off. It’s a lot like the Xperia GX we wrote about before, but it seems to be even better. The screen is an unknown size (they say it’s 4.3″ but a photo of it next to the 4.8″ Galaxy S III makes it look more like 4.6″) at 1280×720, it has a 13MP camera, a microSD card slot, a 1.5 GHz dual core… Read more