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This Android Malware Will Install A Trojan Onto Your PC And Record You Through Your Microphone

There’s a new type of Android malware out there that is masking itself as a “cleaner” app, but what it’s really doing is infecting both your smartphone and your PC. Kaspersky researchers discovered the “cleaner” apps, called Superclean and DroidCleaner, in the Google Play store which makes it all the more scarier. The apps are supposed to free up memory… Read more

PSA: Play Store Dev “apkdeveloper” Adds Malware To Popular Apps And “Super” To End Of Name

Android is an open platform, and that’s why we love it. The Play Store doesn’t have restrictions on what apps can access or do, and that makes some apps true gems. It adds usefulness and value. However, there is a big downside: malware. It isn’t as huge as many people make it seem like, but it is a legitimate problem. This time, apps from a… Read more

Android Malware Growing By 85%, Says McAfee

This study shows a massive growth in Android malware. This malware ranges from emails with bad attachments to files installing themselves just by you visiting a website. Very similar to what would happen on a computer. But keep this in mind: None of these malware installations are automatic. Yes, to for malware to install, you need to install… Read more

Android Malware Now Spreading Through Hacked Web sites?

Who is ready for yet another story surrounding Android, Malware and “drive-by” attacks? Mobile Security firm Lookout is reporting that Android users have been the victim of “drive-by” attacks that allow hacked websites to side load malicious Android apps onto their device. The apps are installed via an embedded iframe triggering an HTML script that… Read more