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Solid Explorer Out Of Beta, Turns Into Trial, Full Version $1.99

Solid Explorer has been updated today, dropping the Beta tag and being released as a full product. A fan favorite for its UI, Solid Explorer has a fairly big user base. Unfortunately, there is a complication. As soon as you update, your Solid Explorer turns into a two week trial. The unlocker costs only $1.99, and the developer deserves to get paid for… Read more

Any.DO App for Android [Video]

One reason to love Android is the awesome integration of Google services, like Calendar and Gmail, straight into the operating system. One app that unfortunately doesn’t have a dedicated Android app yet is Google Tasks. This is a huge gap in my daily workflow because of the frequency with which I use the app. I’ve used “GTasks” for a long time but decided… Read more

MKB Reviews: Itching Thumb

Itching thumb, despite its awkward name, is a really intuitive task switching application for Android. With either a double tap of the home button or a long hold of the search key you can activate it and begin making your way around its refreshing new interface. This application is perfect for people who often find themselves switching between open… Read more