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Leaked Verizon MAP Reveals HTC DROID DNA

Here we have a leaked Verizon MAP (minimum advertised price) with two points of interest. The first is that the Galaxy Note II shows up with today’s date, yet it hasn’t come out. Very strange. The next part is of course the HTC DROID DNA. With the model number of HTC6435LVW, it looks to be the rumored HTC DLX. As a refresher, the DLX is rumored to… Read more

Motorola Droid 4 gets priced on leaked MAP

We knew that the Droid 4 was coming, but we still didn’t have any idea what the price would be. A newly leaked MAP has changed that, and we know have the price. $249.99 with new two-year contract will be the price you have to pay to get the 4G, keyboard-equipped handset. It’s a little refreshing after all the recent $299.99 prices on Verizon’s LTE handsets,… Read more