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Google Purchases Waze For An Undisclosed Amount

Waze is a mapping app for both iOS and Android developed in Israel which focuses on community based mapping and outsmarting traffic. The app records roads and traffic as you drive, creating a community based map that uses everyone’s data to make everyone’s commute much easier. Apparently, Google sees a lot of value in it because they have just… Read more

Google Adds Street View Of 9/11 Memorial And Central Park, Hurricane Sandy Recovery Map

Google has been expanding their maps to new places for a long time, and this time they’re adding new Street View data to places in New York. The first is the 9/11 memorial, allowing you to tour the area from the comfort of your own computer. You can also view the names of the victims on the edges. It’s a great way to visit the area if you can’t make it… Read more

Possible Google Maps Refresh Screenshots Leaked

If you think that the interface for Google Maps has gotten a bit stale, we may have some good news for you. Google Maps works, and often very well, but this facelift would be awesome. These screenshots were leaked and are claiming to be the new Google Maps under development. This user interface does away with the standard omnipresent UI elements,… Read more

Google Maps May Soon Tell You Which Lane To Drive In

The photo above is from TomTom GPS, and the feature is called lane guidance. It’s built into most standalone GPS units, telling you what lane to be in for far easier driving. It’s something Google Maps is missing, and while it’s not a feature we can’t live without, it’s an amazing tool we wish we had. Fortunately, it seems that Google may be hard at… Read more

Google Maps Creates Street View Of Entire Lucas Oil Stadium

View Larger Map If you’ve ever wanted to walk through the Colts’ home stadium, the Lucas Oil Stadium, you can do so anytime you want from the comfort of your own home. Google has mapped the entire stadium side with their Google Street View technology. You can walk around the field, through the locker rooms, across every level, and even the suites…. Read more

Google Releases Tool To Find Nearest Nexus 4 Retailers

If you’ve been looking for a Nexus 4 in a retail location, and for some (probably valid!) reason won’t buy it from the Play Store for the cheaper price, Google has you covered. They released a tool using the Google Maps API to show you the closest Nexus 4 retailers to your address. Right now, it’s only showing T-Mobile stores. Keep in mind that… Read more