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Google’s Schmidt Says Maps Not Coming To iOS

Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, was in Japan to announce the Nexus 7 being available there, and he left us with a few words on the Maps debacle on iOS. If you didn’t know, with iOS6, Apple decided to drop all Google apps (Maps and YouTube) and use their own variants. They included Apple Maps, built off data from TomTom and another company… Read more

Google Maps Now Provides Search History

Google Maps for Android has received an update today, and it’s not your typical bug-fixer. The app will now provide your history of searched locations, from all platforms. That’s right, if you looked something up on your computer, it will also show up on your phone or tablet. A nifty feature from Google, no doubt, as they’re always looking for ways to… Read more

Get an Inside Look As To How Google Maps Is Made

Often we use Google Maps on a daily basis with no idea as to how Google was able to develop this massive database we’ve come to love. Well The Atlantic had the opportunity to get a inside look at Google’s “Ground Truth” project and has given it’s readers a behind the scenes insight. The Google project is an attempt to build the most accurate maps… Read more

Google Maps Live Traffic Supports 130 More Cities

Google has added live traffic coverage in Google Maps for 130 more cities in the US. Live traffic is incredibly useful, and knowing this feature is coming to so many people is great. But the US is not the only one getting more support. Google has also released support for cities in China, Brazil, Canada, Russian and many other countries. Check out this… Read more

Amazon Reportedly Buys 3D-Mapping Startup UpNext

Although not official, reports are saying Amazon has acquired the 3D-mapping startup UpNext for $2.5 million.  This transaction would “give Amazon the startup’s 3D, Android-native maps of 50 US cities, complete with navigation and extra information about notable buildings”.  Currently, the Kindle Fire is not part of the Android ecosystem so 3D-mapping… Read more

Google Maps Kicked Off Of iOS List Of Stock Apps

This has been rumored for quite a while, but it is now official. Google Maps will no longer be included on any iOS device. Apple has purchased many companies and is using their assets to create their own maps service to rival Google. The Maps app on iOS devices has not exactly been the best app. Apple had designed it with Google’s assets, and the… Read more

Google Street View Backpack Is Android Powered And Heavy

There are many places where people want Street View, but the Google trucks can’t drive. Sometimes, they can’t even get a bike to traverse the area. So what do they do? Make an Android powered backpack with a ball of cameras above your head. This will allow them to collect street view data in places previously impossible to get to with their cameras…. Read more

Google Holding Maps Event before WWDC, Possibly To Spite Apple

We’ve all heard the rumors that Apple will be dropping Google Maps and using their own. And Google seems to know this. They’re holding an event centralized around Maps only 5 days before WWDC, where Apple will be presenting. They will be demoing some new features, sharing their “vision.” The new features “will get people where they want to go – both… Read more