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TomTom and HTC announce partnership

We learned last month that HTC was working on bundling cached maps with Sense devices, and today the OEM, along with faltering nav veterans TomTom, announced that HTC’s Locations would come with TomTom’s “location-rich” maps for free. While the maps can be used at no charge, a paid download will be required for turn-by-turn navigation. Initially, the… Read more

Nexus One OTA Update Brings Multi-Touch

A lot of folks went and grabbed the update online and installed manually. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. And when something does happen, I turn on my camera. So here’s a video of me hitting a button, waiting a long time, and then testing pinch-to-zoom in the stock browser, gallery, and in Google Maps version 3.4. I threw in a little… Read more

Multi-Touch Maps for Motorola’s Droid


I welcomed an update for my Nexus One last night with open arms, as it brought pinch-and-zoom functionality to Maps and the stock browser and gallery apps. I filmed the update for the obsessively curious and will post later today. But if you’re a Droid user, there’s no need to wait for that multi-touch jazz. Go download Google Maps v. 3.4 from the Market… Read more

Sony Ericsson’s 3D landscaping

Now available for Android and Java Micro Edition is Sony Ericsson’s new 3D Landscaping SDK which enables rapid rendering of high-quality three-dimensional maps. Stokholm, Sweden is the only map currently available, but I expect adoption will spread rapidly. Via Android… Read more