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Pantech Marauder First Impressions

Over the last year or so, Pantech has started to leave their comfort zone of producing feature phones. We’ve been seeing low to mid-range smartphones from the manufacturer, mainly on AT&T and Verizon. Their latest phone to hit Verizon’s network is the Marauder, a device marketed for the first-time smartphone buyer. However, it offers some powerful… Read more

Pantech Marauder Coming to Verizon, Qwerty Keyboard and All

Verizon unleashed its next first-time buyer smartphone, the Pantech Marauder. This qwerty-slider is specifically intended for the first-time user who has never had a smartphone, let alone an Android phone. It comes with two different modes: starter and standard. Starter mode drops down the number of home screens with preset icons and widgets, designed… Read more