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Android Market Share Declines To 56% In The US During Q2 2012

Ready for a nice dose of confusing analytics? Today we’ve got the latest on smartphone market share in the US. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone shipments dropped 5% from Q2 2011 to only 23.8 million units this quarter. Also up is operating system shipments where Android fell from 15.3 million shipments last year to 13.4 million in this year’s… Read more

Android Holding Over Half Of The UK Smartphone Share, HTC And Samsung Make Up Almost All Of It

It’s no secret that Google’s little green robot holds the majority of the US smartphone market, but how is it doing internationally? CNET UK is now reporting that Android makes up 50.1% of the UK smartphone market, effectively making it the dominant OS across the deep blue. This is about a 5% increase over last year, where Android held about 44.6% of the… Read more

Honeycomb only makes up 1% of all Android devices

Android Honeycomb, the OS that never really caught on. A new study has revealed that it only takes up 1% of all Android usage, with even Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of it. It’s not surprising that it takes up the smallest amount of Android usage, but by the fact that it’s only 1%. Considering that tablet makers are still churning out Honeycomb tablets, it… Read more

Nielsen: Android Still Dominating in Market Share

Android is everywhere. Phones, tablets, watches, cars, sound systems, and even heading to your home. But it all started on smartphones, and that’s where Android is really dominating. According to Nielsen 44% of Americans now own smartphones. A staggering 42% of those phones run the little green robot. Apple is in second place with 28%. Nielsen also… Read more