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AT&T Launches LTE In 20 More Markets Around The US

AT&T is hot on the heels of Verizon, expanding their LTE network as fast as they can. And while it’s still not as big as Verizon’s, it’s getting really impressive in terms of coverage. Just today, AT&T has launched LTE in 20 markets across 13 states. That’s pretty impressive for a single day. Here is the full list of… Read more

T-Mobile LTE Found In 8 Cities By OpenSignal

OpenSignal is a crowd sourced app that collects data on coverage to make coverage maps. Not the ones you see on a carriers website, but ones made from real data from normal users. Well the app has already detected T-Mobile LTE in 8 different cities before T-Mobile even announced rollouts. Those cities are: San Jose and Bay Area… Read more

Sprint Launches LTE In 9 New Markets

In the race for a nationwide 4G LTE network, there are two big players and two underdogs. Verizon has the biggest network, by far, with AT&T slowly but surely catching up. T-Mobile has just started making theirs, so this leaves Sprint in third place. They’re growing the network step by step, and today marks another big step in the right direction…. Read more

Sprint Unleashes LTE On 7 More Markets

Sprint is gracing seven more markets with LTE, one of the biggest areas being the Chicago metro area. There was already LTE surrounding that area, but Sprint has expanded it to cover the entire place. These markets are also benefiting from Sprint’s efforts to expand their LTE network: Indianapolis/Carmel, Ind. Santa Rosa/Petaluma,… Read more

AT&T Lights Up 8 More Markets With LTE

AT&T has turned on LTE in 8 new markets today. Those markets are: Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Detroit, MI; Honolulu, HI; Pittsburgh, PA; Sacramento, CA; Memphis, TN; and Birmingham, AL. AT&T has been pushing LTE out really fast lately, obviously because they’re very behind compared to Verizon. So their rush is both warranted and appreciated…. Read more

AT&T Lights 7 New Cities With 4G LTE, With 45 More Planned

AT&T has announced that today they will be flipping the LTE switch on 7 new cities, giving people the much coveted 4G LTE connection. The cities are as follows: Anchorage, AK Bakersfield, CA Bridgeport, CT Modesto, CA Jacksonville, FL Omaha, NE Syracuse, NY AT&T also has plans to introduce LTE to 45 new cities by the end of… Read more

Verizon Plans To Cover 400 Markets With LTE In 2012

Today, Verizon Wireless announced that they plan to unveil 28 new LTE markets on May 17th, as well as expand 11 existing markets with improved LTE coverage. This will bring the number of markets with LTE available to a massive 258. That’s two thirds of the US population. As if 258 wasn’t a big enough number, Verizon says that they plan to bring LTE… Read more