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Samsung Continues To Dominate Android Profits, Global Shipments As Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry

Oh how the mighty have fallen as another piece of bad news surfaces for the BlackBerry crowd as new figures suggest the once giant smartphone OS has dropped to fourth in global shipments. There’s no question that Android at 75% and iOS at 17.3% of the total global smartphone market in the first quarter 2013 have the clear lead. Still, Microsoft saw an… Read more

Man The Guns: Android’s Marketshare Dropped In The US

Color us surprised: in ComScore’s latest report, Android dropped in marketshare. It’s nothing major, only an itty bitty two tenths of a point, but it’s still a change from Android’s massive growth over the last year. In March of 2012, Android held 51% of the market, whereas now it only holds 50.8%. Again, this isn’t a huge change, but it’s definitely… Read more

Guess The Biggest Smartphone OS In China? Take One Guess.

While DigiTimes is often lauded for the wide-eyed Apple rumors, one story capturing our attention this morning just begs to run it. Canalsys has released their smartphone shipment estimates by country for the first quarter of 2012 and estimates that Android’s total marketshare in China stands at 22% topping Apple’s 19%. “As well as seasonal… Read more