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Google TV making the switch to ARM

To most this won’t be a newsworthy article simply because of the fact that most don’t  know how a processor affects user experience and things like the bottom line. Well, we’re not most people here so today, we’ll try to explain in terms that most will understand. If you’ve read the headline, you know that today, we learned Google TV will now support ARM… Read more

Marvell’s new Android UI: Kinoma

With all sorts of Android devices, processors, and UIs being shoveled out during the convention season, the real gems can get lost in the shuffle. Not this time. Announced alongside their new 1.2GHz UMTS / TD-SCMA ‘world phone’ chip, Marvell is proud to introduce Kinoma UI. As you will see in the video below, Kinoma is a MIUI-esque (see: iPhone) UI… Read more