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Max Payne Finally Available On Android, A Must Buy

The mega-hit Max Payne is finally available for Android,  after Rockstar took some time, even delaying the launch to make sure as many bugs were removed as possible before launching on Google Play. The game will only set you back $2.99, but that’s a small price to pay for the large entertainment value you’ll get out of this game. It’s a 1.3GB… Read more

Max Payne Available For Android At Midnight Tonight, Eastern Time

Oh hell yes, Max Payne is finally coming to Android tonight, Eastern time and it’s going to be awesome. This game is the classic version that launched back on the Playstation 1 and remains one of own my personal all-time favorite video games. We won’t spoil anything if you haven’t played it, but this is one game I know I’ll grab right away, and you… Read more

Max Payne Mobile lands on Android April 26

As our phones continue to get more powerful, the ability to port some of our classic console games gets easier. While we’ve seen titles like Grand Theft Auto III already grace our favorite devices, it’s now time for another type of figure to hop on board. Rockstar Games is happy to announce Max Payne Mobile, and it is coming soon to Android devices. This… Read more