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ZTE Smooth is a “meh” take on a good idea

ZTE recently unveiled the Smooth: an Android 1.6 slider with a portrait QWERTY and 2.8″ QVGA display, and it looks like the response is unanimous: It’s a bad knock-off of Palm’s Pre. It is nice to see the form factor popping up, even if it is mot likely for China this august. It’s only a matter of time before another OEM stretches out into this Palm-ish… Read more

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout MiKandi

Alternative app markets are great. Some make finding what you need easier, while others give you access to those apps deemed unworthy of mass consumption by your phone’s application gatekeepers. But every mention I’ve read about this “adult” market called MiKandi uses the word p*rn. It can’t just be about skin, can it? Watching the video below, I thought… Read more

Inbrics MID is either ready for CES or ain’t gonna happen

I like early information on new products. UI videos and, to a lesser extent, computer rendered images are interesting to me. What I don’t like are press materials designed to raise money for something that really doesn’t exist at all outside of the imagination of a few charismatic individuals. I can’t be sure that the MID seen below won’t be making a… Read more