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LG Esteem receives all-in-one root and custom recovery

Not every phone receives developer support like the Nexus line, so it takes awhile for even the basic things to get done on less popular Android phones. But all users of Metro PCS’ LG Esteem now have something to look forward to, as it has received an all-in-one root, as well as its own custom recovery. The only catch is that the process must be done on a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus signup page showcases 7 wireless carriers

When a high-profile device is getting ready to hit the shelves, manufacturers (and carriers) will usually launch a “learn more about…” page, where you can sign up to have information about the particular device sent to you before the launch. It’s a great way to get to know a device long before you buy it. This time around, we also get a chance to see… Read more