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Gartner Releases 3Q Report: Android And Samsung Continue To Dominate with 72% Of Market

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, has released earlier today their 2012 3rd Quarter report for worldwide mobile device sales by vendor OS. The firm reports that despite an overall 3 percent decline in mobile phone sales, the smartphone category hit 169.2 million units sold in Q3, resulting in a 47… Read more

Microsoft SmartGlass App Finally Makes Its Way To Android

Microsoft has been changing things up lately, and one of their newest projects benefits gamers. At E3 they teased an app called SmartGlass, which connects to an Xbox LIVE user’s GamerTag, allowing them to perform certain functions straight from their phone. The app allows navigation of the Xbox, the ability to control video, and can even be used by… Read more

Microsoft Sues Motorola And Google In Germany

Microsoft is once again suing Motorola in Germany. Except this time, and this is big, Google is directly involved. It isn’t often that any company directly sues Google, they usually go just for the Android manufacturers. So this is interesting to see Google directly attacked. The patent in question is one that refers to taking map information and… Read more

Motorola Removes Its Android Devices From The German Market

Motorola Mobility has decided to completely remove all of their Android devices from the German market. Currently as of this time, on Motorola’s website their Android product page has had all of the Android smartphones or tablets removed as well. All of this is despite the Google owned company not being found guilty of infringing upon Microsoft… Read more

Microsoft Office Native App Coming To iOS & Android – Confirmed By Microsoft Product Manager

Microsoft has been immensely busy with the impending launch of Windows 8 (scheduled for October 26) and its Surface tablets. Sources have hinted at, however, that Microsoft has also been busy preparing  native versions of its Office product for both iOS and Android platforms.  Well the news has been confirmed – speaking at a press event in the Czech… Read more