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Microsoft Surface, Enough To Tempt An Android Fan?

Every time a big company like Microsoft or Apple sends out an invitation, people stop and listen. And then the speculation starts. That’s exactly what happened this Friday when Microsoft sent out invitations for their next event. Rumors were sketchy at best and nobody seemed to have a clear idea of what Microsoft was going to announce besides that it… Read more

Android Import Bans Round Two: Motorola

The ITC recently halted the imports of HTC’s One X and EVO 4G LTE due to a patent infringement investigation, a first in the US. Now it’s looking like HTC isn’t alone, as a similar case has now come up with Motorola. They are facing an import ban and investigation over a patent war with Microsoft, something that has been ongoing. The battle has been… Read more

Pantech reportedly set to pay Microsoft for Android patents

Microsoft has been watching over the Android manufacturers like a hawk. Thanks to the patent policy in place here in the United States, Microsoft is capitalizing on licensing agreements from many of the largest Android vendors out there, all in hopes of making a few extra dollars per handset sold. It looks like Pantech is next on Microsoft’s radar, if a new… Read more

Xbox Live coming to Android

An inside developer working for Microsoft has just revealed that Microsoft has plans to expand Xbox Live to multiple mobile operating systems, not just Windows Phone 7. More evidence appears as Microsoft just listed a job for a developers with experience on both iOS and Android. Many may recall that Microsoft recently launched a companion app for iOS that… Read more