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ITC rules that Motorola infringed on Microsoft patent

Everyone is looking to get a little cash from patent disputes in the mobile market these days, and Microsoft is one of the few successful. An ITC judge has just ruled that Motorola has violated one of Microsoft’s patents in one of the many legal disputes. While the patent is unknown, the case will now be handed to the commission itself for final review to… Read more

Microsoft Lync hits Android Market today

A lot of business users out there lament the lack of enterprise-centered, feature-rich products. Well it’s not a fix but the folks over at Redmond have released Lync. It’s a new Microsoft app for your Android phone. What does it do? Well, a lot of things. It’s an IM client, contact-management, and VoIP client all rolled up into one neat, minimalist design…. Read more

Compal confirms Android licensing deal with Microsoft

When it comes to licenses, there are some random companies that can be thrown in there, seemingly out of nowhere. If you haven’t been keeping track of Microsoft’s presence in the Android licensing game, then this may come as a bit of a shock. But if you have been, then you shouldn’t be so surprised that another company has gone the way of making a deal with… Read more

HTC and Microsoft enter patent agreement for Android Devices

Well this is certainly some interesting news.  It seems that HTC has been or will be borrowing Microsoft technology for their Android handsets.  It’s unknown which patents they are licensing.  Maybe it has something to do with the Exchange integration they offer on their Sense devices.  Regardless, this is how grown-ups do business.  No need to resort… Read more