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LG Lucid 2 Coming To Verizon For Free On Contract

While mid range offerings are not lacking on the Verizon network (the DROID RAZR M is a particularly great phone that comes to mind), another is heading to stores on April 4th. This device is the LG Lucid 2, the successor to the original Lucid. And unlike the DROID RAZR M, it’s completely free with a new two year contract. But what does it offer? Here… Read more

LG Shows Off Optimus F5 And F7

If you were looking for a phone, but didn’t have a lot of money to spend, the LG Optimus F series may be a good bet for you. These two devices, the F5 and F7, are mid end devices that have some very respectable specs and will hopefully have very low prices. On the lower end of the spectrum we have the Optimus F5. It comes with a 4.3″ display with a… Read more

Verizon LG Spectrum 2 Review

Update:  It was pointed out to me by one of our readers on Facebook that you can use the lock/power button on the top of the device as a notification light.  It’s an option that I somehow never discovered, probably because it’s a setting under display.  Regardless, one of my cons for this device was no notification light, and it turns out it does… Read more