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New Launcher Released by MIUI: MiHome

The popular custom ROM developer MIUI released a new launcher for both Android 4.0+ and 2.3 devices Thursday morning.  MIUI ROMs are known for doing away with the app drawer much like on iOS devices.  This launcher has lots of themed icons for your Google apps such as Gmail, Google music, calendar and your camera.  It comes with some widgets as… Read more

MIUI Lockscreen comes to Android Market in app form

Well all you Android users out there that were hankering for a way to get MIUI’s lockscreen on your phones, today your wait ends. For those that don’t know, MIUI is a custom ROM for your Android device much like the community favorite, Cyanogen. While MIUI doesn’t have as much of a following, critics and users alike applaud many of the interface’s features…. Read more