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Dell Mini 5 demo from CTIA


Some folks from TheStreet are at CTIA and caught a video demonstration of Dell’s Mini 5 (as it is known on the Internet). The quad-band GSM and WCDMA device to output 720p video over HDMI. Nice. It looks like the PR rep and cameraman from TheStreet are having a tug-o’-war. I think Dell kept the gadget though. Video after the break…. Read more

Dell’s Mini 5 (Streak) gets more interesting by the day

I have to admit that Dell’s Mini 5 has been more of a curiosity to me than a potential wish list contender. It looks really nice, has a glorious 5″ WVGA screen and a 5MP cam, but who wants to lug that thing around in their pocket? It can’t be comfortable, and that makes it an unlikely purchase or recommendation for me. However, Dell’s bulky gadget just… Read more

Dell Mini 5 to AT&T, looking good

Dell’s Mini 5, which houses a 5″ inch screen, is definitely going to be turning up on AT&T’s network and may also be headed to T-Mobile – or so the MWC buzz claims. And while it was previously thought that device may ship with Android 1.6, Dell has now proclaimed that “something newer” will power the phone/MID. Most are suspecting that “something newer than… Read more

Dell Mini 5 Photo Shoot

You knew it was coming after you saw that FCC filing, and here it is. Tech blog Engadget has got their hands on a shiny new Dell Mini 5, and they have the pictures to prove it. It comes with all the specs you thought it would like Android 1.6, 1GHz processor, 256 Ram, 480×854 multi-touch screen, and a 5MP camera. As of right now, Engadget doesn’t have… Read more

Dell Mini 5 Passes Through FCC

A little over a week ago, we got a sneak peek of the Dell Mini 5 from Michael Dell himself. It only makes sense that you would see it pass through the FCC any time now right? Awhile before we saw Mr. Dell showing off the Mini 5, it was being said that a company by the name of Qisda would be manufacturing it. On the right side of the picture you see the… Read more

Michael Dell is a shy guy

At least he is when it comes to discussing the details of his company’s Mini 5 with CrunchGear on video. But what he does reveal is more than enough to tantalize. It’s Android 1.6, but still…this thing looks DOPE. Via Android… Read more