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DroidDog is hiring!

DroidDog.com has an opening for a part-time, paid News Editor. The job will provide a fairly significant secondary income with potential for increases in pay and responsibility. Writers are paid per paragraph at a very competitive rate. ________________________________________________________________________________ Primary responsibilities:… Read more

Screen response (non) issues of EVO and Incredible

Check out the videos below, which demonstrate the non-responsiveness of the EVO and Incredible’s touch screens when not grounded, as they are when held or in a car dock. The EVO test also features the Invisible Shield screen protector, which is an odd decision for screen responsiveness tests. Looks like tough times for people who like to cover their gadgets… Read more

Stickin’ it to the man, Android style [updated]

By far, the number one question people ask me is: “When will my (phone) be updated to (Android version number).” And it’s no mystery why people get confused, anxious, and downright angry when the topic comes up. Owners of various Androids have seen numerous false starts, seemingly endless firmware upgrade delays, and in some cases, abandonment – likely… Read more