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MIUI Custom ROMs Has Just Hit 10 Million Users

MIUI, one of the most popular custom ROMs on Android, has just hit a huge milestone in terms of users. The MIUI ROM, created by Xiaomi, now has over 10 million users around the world. The MIUI ROM is a very heavily modded Android interface that is suppose to show some similarities to iOS, with one example being the lack of an app drawer. The MIUI ROM… Read more

MIUI ROM On The Google Nexus 7, I Don’t Get It

My Google Nexus 7 is a toy.  I’m sure there are very productive things to do with it, but the most productive thing my Nexus 7 does for me is save battery life on my phone because I’m using it a lot less.  That being said, I like to play with my toys, and a few days ago I decided to flash MIUI’s custom Jelly Bean ROM on my Nexus 7.  Only few weeks… Read more

MIUI Releases First Jelly Bean Based Version With Support For Both The Galaxy Nexus And Nexus 7

Are you a fan of MIUI who happens to own either a Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus? Then some good news just came in for you as MIUI has announced that the first version that’s built on Jelly Bean is now available for owners of the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus. There’s a few new Jelly Bean features such as Google Now included but really, it’s not too terribly… Read more

The Meizu MX, A Chinese Android Phone Worth Taking A Look At

  Editors Note: This is a cross-posted review I did over on TmoNews, hence the TmoNews watermarks. As a penta-band device, it’s ready for both AT&T, T-Mobile and every other GSM carrier in the US. As such, this phone is a great look at what’s going outside the US in the Android world and a look at one of the most powerful Android phones… Read more

MiHome 1.2 Launcher Released in All its MIUI Glory

Popular ROM for rooted users, MIUI, has been slowly incorporating some of their features into the non-rooted market. Their infamous launcher is a key example. The launcher features the “All-On-Home” method, similar to that of iOS. There is no app drawer. Everything is right there in front of you. The launcher gives you plenty of space as well for it… Read more

New Launcher Released by MIUI: MiHome

The popular custom ROM developer MIUI released a new launcher for both Android 4.0+ and 2.3 devices Thursday morning.  MIUI ROMs are known for doing away with the app drawer much like on iOS devices.  This launcher has lots of themed icons for your Google apps such as Gmail, Google music, calendar and your camera.  It comes with some widgets as… Read more

Top 5 Android ROMs?

First of all, I want to get this out of the way: We at DroidDog do not encourage rooting or modding your phone, and if you are inclined to do so, do it at your own risk. But if you’re already rooted, this article may be for you. At LifeHacker, they have composed a list of the 5 best Android ROMs compiled by their readers. And these do seem to be the… Read more

What I would consider my perfect Android phone

The Android world is filled with many, many choices. While choices are great, it can pose a problem for some. There’s no perfect device for many people. I’m among those people, and while my Galaxy Nexus may offer the closest thing to it, the device still isn’t perfect (at least for me). Sure, I do have a few friends who are perfectly happy with their device… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire sees MIUI 4 ROM

The Kindle Fire by Amazon is one of the most popular (cheap) tablets out there. And, while at face value you probably couldn’t tell it was running Android (unless you already knew), there’s definitely a version of our favorite mobile operating system lying under there. That’s why when we see custom ROMs like MIUI going for a spin on the device, we feel like… Read more