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MIUI ROM by Xiaomi going open source

There are plenty of customizable, user-created ROMs out there. A lot of them. But there are only a few which manage to garner the attention of mainstream developers within the Android modding community, and manage to stick around over the years. Xiaomi, the company behind the ROM itself, has decided to go the open source route, providing the details of the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon receives full MIUI port

Many Android users are fans of the popular Chinese ROM MIUI, and we can add another device to the list of devices with a fully functioning version of the ROM. ViciousMIUI has just been updated, and the developer is claiming that everything is functional, and should be a smooth ride. It’s running on Android 4.0, and should give any users who are already… Read more

UPDATE: LG G2x receives MIUI port

The LG Optimus 2x has benefited from the ROM known as MIUI for awhile, but users of the similar G2x have been left in the dark. Once again the good devs at XDA have ported the Optimus’ ROM over to the G2x, so any users interested now have a chance to try the Chinese ROM. It can be installed like any other ROM through ClockworkMod, but keep in mind that it… Read more

HP TouchPad gets MIUI beta

The HP TouchPad has seen some good Android development through Cyanogen Mod, but the developers at MIUI.us aren’t going to let them stand alone. HP’s dead tablet has received a MIUI port beta, creating another option for those who enjoy hacking and flashing ROMs. Most things appear to be working, excluding the on-screen menu, with a few various bugs. Also… Read more

Samsung Nexus S gets official MIUI ROM with Ice Cream Sandwich

Fans of the popular MIUI ROM can rejoice, as the team has just released their official version of the ROM based on Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S. Much of it appears to be the same as the Gingerbread version, but all the new features and fixes are under the hood. A change log is included below for anyone looking to get the full rundown of what’s new…. Read more

HP Touchpad gets MIUI alpha love

Well the HP Touchpad’s path toward full membership in the Android club. With news of CyanogenMod 3.5 hitting the Touchpad scarcely hit the blogs and now, we get news that another favorite of the Android community, MIUI sends an alpha build to the HP Touchpad community. MIUI, for those that don’t know is a heavily skinned and modded ROM based on… Read more

MIUI Lockscreen comes to Android Market in app form

Well all you Android users out there that were hankering for a way to get MIUI’s lockscreen on your phones, today your wait ends. For those that don’t know, MIUI is a custom ROM for your Android device much like the community favorite, Cyanogen. While MIUI doesn’t have as much of a following, critics and users alike applaud many of the interface’s features…. Read more

MIUI in the process of making the switch to Ice Cream Sandwich

The MIUI team, the Android experience customizers responsible for MIUI, has begun efforts to port their popular custom ROM over to Android 4.0. While Cyanogen has to take the cake for being the custom ROM of choice, MIUI has the unique distinction of being the only community-driven custom ROM to be on a retail device, the Xiaomi MI-One. The ROM bares… Read more

ROM Review: MIUI 1.8.22

Another day, another ROM. There are so many ROMs to choose from that members of the Android community have created. Today we have a rather unique one. MIUI, a Chinese ROM that’s been translated to English by a team of developers called MIUI.us. There are many teams that create different versions of the ROM, but today we’re gonna focus on MIUI 1.8.22 for… Read more

MIUI Weather Beta 1 available in apk form

Whether you love or hate MIUI’s iPhone-esque design quality, the time and effort put into everything associated with the project is undeniable. Developers work hard to make sure everything from system prompts to the file browser is polished and user friendly. One of the more popular apps/widgets available with MIUI is the weather, which has just made… Read more