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MKB Reviews: HD Widgets [Video]

HD Widgets is a collection of a dozen or so beautifully tablet-optimized widgets available for $2 in the Android market. These widgets have a few tappable functions: Tapping the clock opens the alarm clock, and tapping the weather will display a custom fullscreen information panel about weather in your area. All in all, what’s not to like about HD… Read more

MKB Reviews: VidTrim

VidTrim is a simple video editing application for Android that doesn’t require a beast of a processor or a high resolution screen. It allows you to do simple cutting and trimming that solves the problem of shaky beginnings and endings of videos where you’re fumblig for the camera button. Coming in ata hefty $0.98 for the ‘Pro’ versoin you’re… Read more

MKB Reviews: Catch Notes

There are a lot of note-taking, capture, and reminder applications in the Android market, but few are well structured enough to integrate all three features into one polished application. Catch Notes is one of those few; it allows you to quickly and easily capture text, images and locations and save them for reminder in the future. It sounds boring, but the… Read more

MKB Reviews: Hootsuite

Welcome to my full review of Hootsuite, a rock solid, ridiculously full-featured Twitter client for all versions of Android. Hootsuite has undergone a lot of updates in the past few weeks and months on the Android platform. I chose this application to review this week because of one special thing – It’s now free. Hootsuite’s full version used to be a… Read more

MKB Reviews: Dolt

DoIt is a highly polished, very functional Android To-Do list and note-taking application available for all versions of Android. This productivity tool has proven to be ridiculously helpful when it comes to remembering things to do and where to be at certain times. It can be used as a grocery list, a to-do-list, or a place to store pertinent information. As… Read more

MKB Reviews: XScope 6

Today we’re going to have a look at the latest version of XScope Browser, version 6, which brings major UI enhancements, performance tweaks, and more features from the previous version. For the duration of this review it will be referred to as X6. Overview X6 is an alternative to the stock Android browser that comes on the phone out of the box…. Read more

MKB Reviews: Extended Controls

Extended Controls offers a highly customizable version of the stock Android power control widget that we’ve all come to know and love. And that’s what Android is all about, right? Customization. With this application you can add any one of a vast number of one-touch functions to access different functions of your Android phone. You can also change size,… Read more

MKB Reviews: Goggles vs. Shopper

Ever wondered what would be the best application for shopping on the go on your Android device? Have you ever been in a store, seen a price tag, and wondered if you could get it for a lower price somewhere else? Have you ever walked past a store and seen something on display that you wanted to know more information about? If any of these, or anything… Read more

MKB’s top ten apps

I’ve been an Android user for a mere year and a half now and I’ve grown to really love what I can do with my phone on such an open platform. There are custom ROMs, powerful applications, high end productivity suites, and all sorts of modding software available for devices running Android. You may have seen Carlos Graves’ top 10 apps video/article… Read more

MKB Reviews: Process Manager

Hello, everyone! Today we have a review of an simple yet powerful application available in the Android market for managing applications running on your phone. Sure, there are a lot of free task managers out there that have features similar to Process Manager. And yes, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the proper way to use a task… Read more