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Sony’s new UXP NXT shown off in leaked video

With upcoming devices like the Xperia S from Sony, we are all eagerly anticipating seeing what kind of user interface tweaks the company has created on their newest Android devices. In the pair of videos, which you can see below in their full glory, courtesy of XperiaBlog, we get to see where Sony is taking their software experience for the end user. At… Read more

Huawei Ascend D1 Q gets teased in pictures

Huawei has some major plans for the mobile world, and this year’s Mobile World Congress in just a matter of days is apparently the launching pad for the company. We’ve heard in the past that the company plans on launching their Diamond high-end series at the trade show, and it looks like the D1 Q may be the start of that flagship design. There isn’t a… Read more

LG Optimus gets treated to new logos

While new handsets are always the best thing to see at Mobile World Congress, there’s probably no reason to not be excited about a new logo series being shown off too. That’s what LG is planning on doing, as the company has officially announced and unveiled the new series of logos ahead of their debut at this year’s trade show at the end of the month. LG… Read more

HTC One V also being unveiled at Mobile World Congress

HTC’s new naming structure is interesting, to say the least. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the new “One…” series of devices may be enough to promote HTC’s new “quality over quantity” strategy. Then again, if we keep hearing about upcoming devices, that may just go right out the window. This time around it’s the One V, which is rumored to be… Read more

Acer CloudMobile set to debut at Mobile World Congress

Acer has plenty of Android-powered devices out there, but the company has more or less failed to become a household name in every market their phones are available. But that hasn’t slowed the company down in the slightest, as they are set to unveil a brand new flagship device for the company at this year’s Mobile World Congress event later this month. It’s… Read more

Samsung releases event invite for March 22

While we sit here and continue to speculate about the next flagship device from Samsung, believed to be called the Galaxy S III, we’re still waiting for Samsung to divulge any and all information regarding the heavily rumored device. We may be getting closer to that much anticipated device if this latest event invite is any indicator of a release… Read more