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HTC Ville poses for another photo shoot

This isn’t the first time that the Ville has managed to land in front of a camera, but it’s always good to see the phone in its true habitat. That’s what we’re looking at here, with the Ville reportedly posing for another photo shoot, showing off its display and updated software. The images come courtesy of Japanese site Ameblo. While there isn’t… Read more

HTC admits that LTE phones failed in specs and design, promises to turn things around

There’s no denying that 2011 wasn’t the best year for HTC, even if the company did launch plenty of different handsets, and the fourth quarter was especially less-than-satisfactory. Earlier this morning, HTC had their earnings call and Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung has decided to clear the air, and elaborate on why he thinks things started to slump… Read more

Sony releases invites for Mobile World Congress event

Now that the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is over and done with, Mobile World Congress across the ocean is the one to set your sights on. And it’s all about mobile. We’ve already heard when HTC will have their event, and now Sony has geared up to tell everyone to mark their own calendars to see what’s next from the company. February 26th is the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus press image reportedly leaked online [Update]

We just told you about the Galaxy S II+ by Samsung earlier this morning, based on the rumored device’s benchmark profile showing up online from the day before. And now we’ve got word that we’re looking at the official press image of the device right there, and if you ask us it doesn’t look that bad at all. Even if we’re a bit disappointed that it isn’t the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus shows up in a benchmark database

While we know that Samsung has no plans to showcase the true successor of the Galaxy S II at this year’s Mobile World Congress, that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer doesn’t have anything to show off. And while before yesterday it was anyone’s guess, the rumor mill has kicked into overdrive with speculation that the device in question may have shown up in… Read more

Samsung confirms that the successor to the Galaxy S II won’t be announced at Mobile World Congress

While we are all expecting the next version of Samsung’s profoundly popular Galaxy S device to be called the Galaxy S III, there’s really only speculation regarding that. We fully expect it to be called that, sure, but let’s just stick with the communication that Samsung has provided, shall we? So, at least for the sake of this particular story, we’ll stick… Read more

ASUS Padfone a definite at Mobile World Congress

The Padfone from ASUS has been a talked-about device for a long while now, and we recently heard that ASUS was planning to unveil the newly designed device at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Sure enough, the company has released an official invite to their MWC event, where it is now a definite that the Padfone will be one of the main takeaways. ASUS… Read more