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Samsung Teams Up With Visa For payWave NFC Payments

Mobile payments are the future, but they are still so unpopular. Google Wallet has been a push for NFC payments, but being restricted to a handful of devices really doesn’t help. There are a few Google Wallet competitors out there, but none of them are widespread. Carrier-friendly system Isis is coming eventually, and now we have a new Visa/Samsung… Read more

Skype Video Messaging Comes To Android And iOS

Skype is advertising a new feature lately called video messaging. Unlike video calling, video messaging is recording videos (up to three minutes long) and sending them to a person. So it is to video calling what texting is to instant messaging. It’s a pretty good idea, a more personal way of talking to someone when both parties can’t sit down for a long… Read more

HTC One XL, One + and EVO 4G LTE Receive PlayStation Certification

HTC and Sony have had a deal for awhile that allows select HTC devices to access the PlayStation mobile app store. Well, it looks like a few more devices have been added to the list. Sony has added three new HTC devices, the One XL (Snapdragon S4 North American variant of the One X), One X + and EVO 4G LTE. This adds to the already present list of the… Read more