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Texas Instruments Is Leaving The Mobile Processor Game

Texas Instruments has been a pretty popular chip maker, powering all last gen Motorola phones and even the iconic Galaxy Nexus, Google’s flagship. They’ve also had a good run in the tablet market, with both the new NOOK HD and the Kindle Fire HD. But now it’s reported that they’re giving up, and leaving the mobile processor space. The first thought… Read more

Facebook’s Acquisition Of Instagram Complete: What To Expect

It’s done. Instagram is now owned by Facebook. The deal is complete, and Instagram isn’t that little hipster company anymore. What a tragedy! Not according to the two companies, it isn’t. The Instagram team may be already moving into the Facebook offices, but they say that the “Instagram app and its features will stay the same one you know and love.”… Read more

Virgin Mobile Begins Selling Kyocera Rise

Virgin Mobile is now selling the Kyocera Rise for $99.99, a fair price for such a carrier. The phone is nothing special, but it comes together in a fairly nice package. Here is a list of specs: Touch slider with QWERTY Keyboard 3.5” HVGA LCD touchscreen Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 3.2MP Camera, LED… Read more

Some Of The Biggest Retailers Banding Together To Create MCX, Taking On ISIS And Google Wallet

It’s official: we have another competitor for the mobile payment crown. And though Google Wallet has that crown, it’s the only one in the game. Soon, ISIS will be released to the world, and will most likely surpass Wallet. There is really no reason it will not. But now MCX has been announced, standing for Merchant Customer Exchange. What an awesome… Read more

PlayStation Mobile Support Granted To ASUS And Wikipad

With Sony’s Gamescom 2012 press conference happening in Germany right now, there were bound to be some good announcements to come out of it. Sony announced today that both ASUS and Wikipad would be gaining PlayStation Mobile support which is what was formerly called PlayStation Certification. This means that devices from either one of the manufacturers… Read more

Editorial: Mobile Games Are Taking Two Routes: The Console Route, And The Casual Route. No Middle Ground

Mobile gaming has gone so far in the past few years, especially this last year. There have been so many wonderful games for phones lately, and it’s truly the future of gaming. One device for calling, texting, managing business, taking photos, and playing games. It can do it all. It’s truly amazing, if you ask me, to see what developers can do on a… Read more