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GameStop Releases Mobile App Which Does It all

If you’re a frequent GameStop customer, you’re in luck! The GameStop Mobile App lets you do nearly anything related to their stores and promotions. You can track PowerUp Reward points on the go, and even earn more just by checking into stores. You can also find stores near you. This should be a big plus for those who do a lot of shopping at GameStop, as… Read more

Facebook Mobile Now Shows Much Larger Photos

  Facebook will now be displaying much larger photos on its mobile pages. Considering phone displays are becoming higher and higher resolution, Facebook’s old method just wasn’t cutting it: Now photos will be edge to edge and much bigger. This thankfully applies to iOS, Android, and Facebook’s mobile site (m.facebook.com), so everyone… Read more

Why Has Flash Storage In Mobile Devices Plateaued?

I still remember when the first iPhone came out. The base model came with a paltry 4GB of flash storage, which wasn’t enough for two movies off of 4GB DVDs. Of course, flash storage was more expensive back then. Even iPods were short on flash storage. But a year later, the iPhone 3G came out and heroically doubled the flash storage available to 8GB in… Read more

Facebook Messenger App First Look [Video]

Facebook looks to improve their mobile arsenal today as they release their brand new Facebook ‘Messenger’ Application for Android and iOS. Some have avoided Facebook entirely because of the stats of its current mobile app, but this new release shows promise for a stable future. It’s a bit more than just a messaging app; there is a group location… Read more

FINALLY! Listen to Coast to Coast AM archives from Android

This news has been a long time coming. Ever since the Coast to Coast AM app was launched for iOS in the summer of 2009, I have been looking forward to the Android version to be released. Then, last summer, George Noory announced that an Android app was indeed under development. Then came the teases. Then came delay, after delay, after delay. Then… Read more

MKB Reviews: Firefox 4.0 for Android

The BETA label has been recently removed from the mobile version of one of the most popular web browsers around. Mozilla’s Firefox 4 web client for Android takes customization, sync and functionality to a whole new level with this particular application, but this isn’t without its downfalls. What’s so great about this web browser? Let’s find… Read more

Skip levels with Angry Birds cheat

I’m reluctant to help anyone jump over the more difficult stages that I fought hard to pass in Angry Birds (the publishing company of which, incidentally, now belongs to EA), but I’ve caved into a few game cheats in my day so it’s only right that I pass this along. Droid-Life shows us the way (via a hack found at Reddit) and it’s pretty darn simple,… Read more