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Stick It To The Man, Universal Search Your Galaxy S III

There’s been a lot of hubbub lately about lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, and Samsung taking away their Universal Search feature on their recently released Galaxy S III.  Recently, both Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S III variants have received small updates to the devices that have removed the Universal Search functionality due to patent… Read more

Android-On-Veer Tutorial And Walkthrough

I have been an avid webOS fan for quite a while, even purchasing an HP Veer 4G off contract on eBay. In my opinion, webOS is one of the best mobile operating systems ever made, and definitely does multitasking better than either iOS or Android. webOS is built for efficiency, beauty, and ease of use. The gestures are natural, the UI is smooth and… Read more

Add-On Pack Turns your Galaxy Nexus Into A Galaxy SIII

An add-on pack on XDA brings some Galaxy SIII elements to your Galaxy Nexus! Imagine that, buying a stock ICS phone, and so much interest being shown in TouchWiz. I can’t blame them, TouchWiz is pretty damn nice. This add-on will work with CM9, AOKP, and some other ROMs, so almost anyone can use it. This add-on adds the TouchWiz UX launcher (which is… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now a USB host

Last week news of the Galaxy Nexus not having the ability to host USB devices hit the blogs. Today, Paul from MoDaCo has announced that USB mounting was achieved. This will allow users to use a male to female USB extension cable to plug in their USB devices. While this functionality may not be useful to users who limit their interaction with their Galaxy… Read more

G2 overclocked to 1.3GHz [UPDATE]

Begin update: Michael was kind enough to share a link in the comments to the XDA thread with the appropriate downloads and information to get your G2 headed down the fast lane. There’s also some proper screen shots and the same video that you’ll find below. The usual “only you are responsible for what you do to your device” disclaimer applies. End… Read more