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NASA’s Smart SPHERES Use The Nexus S, But Why?

NASA’s Smart SPHERES recently graduated from in house computers to Android devices, specifically the Nexus S. Though it’s cool that space faring orbs have Android devices built into them, what’s the reason for using our beloved platform? What makes Android, and specifically the Nexus devices, so attractive? Modding, of course! Using a smart phone as… Read more

Obiwan222222 uses network streaming to play Nintendo Wii game on Android tablet

There are all sorts of ways to mod your device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet. And there are different levels of modding — you can go crazy with it, or you can do about as little as you want. The results will vary, obviously, but usually it’s always something worthwhile. In this case, from minimalist modder Obiwan222222, has managed to make Nintendo Wii… Read more

Should Google start taking cues from the modding community?

The developers under the rooftops of HTC, Samsung, LG, and Google (as well as plenty of other manufacturing houses) are constantly hard at work on making the Android platform better. If it weren’t for HTC way back in the day launching the HTC Hero, custom proprietary user interfaces may not even be a topic point for Android today. And obviously our devices… Read more