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Modern Combat 4 Hitting Android Shortly After 12/4 iOS Release

Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is coming out very soon, and for once, I’m a bit excited about a mobile game launch. While smartphones don’t lack in games, they lack in more hardcore games like consoles and PC’s have. Modern Combat has always filled that market, and the fourth installment looks better than ever. It is mobile’s Call of Duty…. Read more

Gameloft slashes Modern Combat 3 by 85% for a limited time

Gameloft had a big sale this past weekend selling most of their offerings for $0.99 cents. We say “most” because Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations did not receive the same price cut. Well this morning, that all changed. The FPS game from one of the most prolific developers has dropped in price, but only for today. Modern Combat 3 has a bucketload of… Read more

Modern Combat 3 hits Market

All you Android gamers out there know that Gameloft is one of the premium developers, if not merely prolific. Luckily, the don’t rest on their laurels and have finally released the third iteration of their popular Modern Combat game. The premise of the story is that North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia have joined forces to attack the United States. Of course,… Read more